Jade West
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Hair Color:

Brown (Season 1) Dyed Black (Season 2) Dark Brown (Season 3 and 4)

Eye Color:



July 26th


5'7" (170 cm).



She appears to be very goth/punk and very rebellious in her attitude as the way she

First, Jade's usually all the time clothes.

  • See below.

Below is hints of appearance. This could be why people say she's pretty.

Beck was Jade's boyfriend of over three years, over whom she was very protective. She doesn't like him talking to or flirting with other girls who she does not kno w, and has trust issues with him. This sometimes irritates Beck; he once deleted his account on because Jade kept spamming him and "freaking out," but rejoined after she promised to stop. She has not done this since he re-joined, showing she can make compromises and does love and respect him. Her obsession with Beck is first made apparent in thewhen she sees Tori wiping coffee off of Beck's shirt and immediately misinterprets the action as flirting. Though Jade is usually the one to show love in the relationship, the couple are shown to be mutually in love on multiple occasions such as when Beck says "I never stopped loving you." She dumps Beck briefly in the episode , but has second thoughts about it and quickly wants him back. She goes through a s hort state of depression when Beck didn't come with her in The Worst Couple, seen in the Victorious Wiki.

  • Hair Colour: Various (Seen below)
  • Trademark: Piercings, tattoos, and blue/green streaks in hair

Jade is a brunette with blue-green eyes and stands at 5'7. Her skin is noticeably pale (although she did get a tan and dyed her hair darker for the 2nd s

  • Season 1
  • Eye Colour: Blue-Green
  • Hair Colour: Medium Brown with Purple and white Streaks
  • Trademark: Piercings, tattoos, and b
  • lue/green streaks in hair

In this season, she is less gothy/emo.

  • Season 2
  • Eye Colour: Blue-Green
  • Hair Colour: Black with blue streaks
  • Trademark: Piercings, tattoos, and blue/green streaks in hair

In this season, she is VERY gothy/emo.

In season 3, she has darker brown hair with greenish blue streaks, nothing changes.