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About Cade

Cade (Ca/t and Ja/de) is the pairing of Cat Valentine and Jade West from the Nickelodeon TV Series Victorious. Another term for this pairing is Jat (J/ade and C/at). While Cade is the official/most commonly used name, both are usually acknowledged by the community. It is unknown how they met, however, Cat and Jade seem to be good friends: Jade tones her insults down towards Cat, and they express concern for the others well-being and stand up for each other when problems occur.

About Eliana

Eliana is the real life pairing of Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande. They are best friends in real life because they enjoy hanging out together on screen and off screen. Their relationship has nothing to do with Cade although some fans may think otherwise. the two have known each other ever since they both starred on the broadway show 13.

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